Customized Property Management at a Comfortable Cost.

Comfort Property Management exists because, like all condominium corporations, you just want a customized professional management strategy that responds to your unique needs.


All Status Certificates ordered can now be paid for online and delivered to your email.
Status Certificates have never been so eays!

We provide the best possible property management program that recognizes and caters to our clients’ unique needs at a competitive price without sacrificing the level of client service.

Comfort Property Management Inc. is an active member of ACMO, CCI and I.H.M.

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  • 22.03.2017

    Comfort Chronicle Winter 2017

    In this issue:
    • What to Look for in an Operating Budget
    • How to Tender under Bill 106
    • Performance/Technical Audits
    • Energy Savings Measures for Condo Corporations
    • How Resident Energy Savings Impacts a Corporation
    • Is your Corporation Ready for 2017?
    • What is the Condominium Authority and What does it Do?
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